The Updated Line of «ESSE» Cigarettes

The value of “ESSE” brand can not be overestimated for the development of Russian market of thin cigarettes. Appearing in Russia in 2003, these cigarettes are just blew “sleeping” segment of Slims / Superslims, opening a new opportunity for fans of fine smoking at an affordable price and wonderful taste. Sales have doubled every year until 2006 when all sorts of promotional support for the brand were suddenly discontinued.

Esse Lights Cigarettes

Esse Lights Cigarettes

The brands such as «Vogue», «Kiss», «Glamour» and many others immediately picked up the relay race. It should be done justice to the efforts of “Alokozay” – the exclusive distributor of tobacco products of manufacturers of «ESSE» brand – Korean KT&G. The distributor fully realized its exclusivity and funded advertising in the press, street designs, souvenir products and spread of range which, with the «ESSE» logo, perhaps, could not be exceed.

In August, the KT&G Company has come to Russia: the company began building of a new factory in Kaluga region. Long circulating rumors about negotiations with “Donskoy Tabak” transaction were not completed. The world crisis overturned the potential price for long. Greed is the cause of the global crisis and many of failed transactions – and not only in the tobacco industry. But KT&G will benefit from the construction in the period of the crisis!

The first movement has already been done, but it can not be said that very much successful. If contacts with the tobacco industry associations are logical and understandable, then the meetings with an alternative distributor are hardly relevant. It is not yet clear how the company intends to work with the press. Any journalist has been invited at the ceremony of laying the factory or were invited obviously not those people because press response was zero.

However, some steps had been taken by a couple of partners “Alokozay” / KT&G. So, at last November exhibition in Crocus Expo, the company introduced a new line of «ESSE» previous versions and a very significant expansion of the line by completely new versions.

There are four new versions of «ESSE» cigarettes: «ESSE lights» (tar – 4,5 mg, nicotine – 0.45 mg), «ESSE field» (respectively, 2,5 mg / 0,25 mg), «ESSE menthol» (6,00 mg / 0,5 mg) and «ESSE» (6,5 mg / 0,65 mg). Korean tobacco companies indicate the level of nicotine up to two decimal places, what nobody does. To control the actual level in each cigarette is very difficult, and to ensure its constancy with such accuracy is an insoluble problem, but not for the KT&G company. The new design looks modern, but the changes are not radical, and it can not be said that it is really revolutionary or original. The change of the style ” from flowers to colorful smoke” has been previously demonstrated by some competing brands. Holographic stamping by foil had also already been. The seal at the foil inside the pack is not an original way. But it is necessary. All changes create a new, but recognizable style. It is interesting that redesign the same line-up is usually the occasion for an advertising campaign of the manufacturer, for communication activities in order to revitalize interest to the brand.

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