25% of Young People in Canada Use Hookah

Woman Using Hookah

Researchers from Canada found in their latest study that in the country that smoking rates among youth are declining, but the number of young people who use water pipe and hookah is growing.

The study was made by researchers from the University of Waterloo, who discovered that 1 in 4 high school seniors use hookah. The study says that around 78,200 young people are current users of water pipes.

According to Leia Minaker, the author of the study, good news is that a slow decline in cigarettes use among youth is reported, however, also there are bad news that hookah is in trend among the Canadian youth.

The study was funded by the Canadian Cancer Society and is published in the journal Cancer Causes and Control.

Generally people believe that using hookah is safer than using cigarettes, because tobacco smoke is bubbling through water and therefore it is not hazardous. Data of National 2012-2013 Youth Smoking Survey shows that more than a third of young people consider that it is less harmful to use hookah than smoking a cigarette.

Minaker told that this belief is nothing but a myth, because water pipe smoking sessions usually last much longer than smoking a cigarette and during the session smoker absorbs high concentrations of toxins.

Experts say that tobacco companies attract young people to hookah by creating sweet and delicious tastes such as fruit and candy. The survey discovered that 50% of hookah users among youth prefer flavored tobacco.

According to Minaker, it is very important to restrict flavors in tobacco products as this will help to prevent youth from using hookah.

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