61% of Jordanian families have at least one smoker

AMMAN – Approximately 61 per cent of Jordanian families have one member who smokes one type of tobacco, including cigarettes, pipe, cigar and argileh, a study conducted by the Department of Statistics (DoS) found.

The study results, released on Sunday, showed that cigarettes are the most common type of tobacco among Jordanian smokers, as cigarettes are the choice of 96 per cent of smokers.



The survey indicated that 74.5 per cent of the families surveyed have one member who smokes, 17 per cent have more than a smoker, while 72 per cent of families are not familiar with the passive smoking concept.

Aqaba Governorate registered the highest prevalence of tobacco smoking among its residents with 66 per cent of families in Aqaba having a smoker, followed by Zarqa and Madaba with 66.1 per cent.

Ajloun registered the lowest rate, with 56.9 per cent of families residing in the governorate having one smoker or more.

A previous study conducted by the DoS also showed that household spending on tobacco and cigarettes in Jordan stood at JD352.3 million in 2008, representing 4 per cent of the overall annual household spending, compared with 1.9 per cent of total spending directed to health services.

The study indicated that the highest spending on tobacco and cigarettes was registered in Aqaba (5.6 per cent), followed by Balqa Governorate (5.4 per cent) and Zarqa (5.3 per cent), while the lowest spending was registered in Amman (3.2 per cent).

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