Activists in Augusta Push for Tougher Smoking Ordinance

No Smoking

Anti-smoking activists in Augusta, Georgia, are preparing to promote again a tougher smoking ordinance in the city.

Last week, on Thursday, members of the BreathEasy Coa­lition presented new advertisment promoting smoke-free air in the city. They provided some recommendations regarding the subject for approaching the Augusta Commission one more time. Since 2012 the commission two times considered  a tougher ordinance but  it was rejected. However,  Jennifer Anderson from the coalition believed that this time the city would go further with fightinh tobacco and would adopt the smoke-free ordinance

Jennifer said that during past two years they listened attentively to the comission and tried to demonstrate that the smoke-free ordinance is very important. She supposes that early attempts failed because the proposal was formulated not clearly. It seemed to be an easy task in the beginning but in fact turned to be difficult. Most difficult thing was to find a right approach.

Anderson told that the new message would be much simpler. Smokers who want to light up in an establishment should go outside and then come back. This approach would ensure clean air for all visitors and workers.  The ordinance will be modeled after similar one adopted by Savannah.

The ads made and promoted by coalition feature local residents showing advantages of a smoke-free workplace and negative effects of secondhand smoke. Sadie Stock­ton, the health promotion coordinator for the East Central Health Dis­trict, told that the coalition will make more information campaigns in order to educate people about smoking.

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