Albany Considering Smoking Ban in Hotel Rooms


Albany, the capital city of New York state, is considering a statewide smoking ban in hotel rooms.

The bill was introduced last month by Assemblyman Kenneth Zebrowski and it is expanding the existing Clean Indoor Air Act so that it could include motel and hotel guest rooms.

Today the bill allows smoking at hotels, tobacco shops, private residences, outdoor eating areas.

It is supported by the American Heart Association of New York and the American Lung Association of the Northeast.

Zebrowski told that the bill is similar to previous amendments to the Clean Air Act which regulates smoking in restaurants and bars.

In past years there was made a lot in the New York and across the USA to protect non-smokers from secondhand smoke, discourage people from smoking, help them quit and live a heathy life. People have the right to breathe fresh air in parks and work in smoke-free environments. In their turn, smokers need help and support from health care providers.

Zebrowski explained that it personal experience in Albany hotels which made him propose such a bill. In hotels he is often exposed to secondhand smoke and he wanted to change the situation. It makes no difference where the smoking room is located, because tobacco smoke enters other rooms via ventilation system.

Such states as Michigan, Wisconsin, North Dakota, Indiana, Vermont already banned smoking in hotel rooms. Hotels in New York City do not allow smoking in their rooms voluntarily, because there is no such a law in place.

The Clean Air Act applies not only to regular cigarettes but to e-cigarettes too.

The bill needs an approval from Senate, but a number of Senators have already expressed their support for it.

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