Alberta Banned Menthol Tobacco Products


Dr. James Talbot, chief medical officer of health in Alberta province, Canada, welcomes the government’s new proposal to prohibit tobacco products with menthol because they attract young people to start smoking.

He together with the Canadian Cancer Society and other anti-smoking organizations are promoting the idea to ban menthol cigarettes and all other flavoured tobacco.

Talbot believes that the ban of these tobacco products will result in fewer cases of such diseases as lung cancer, emphysema, chronic bronchitis in the entire province of Alberta.

When Sarah Hoffman became the new Health Minister, at once she revised the past Government’s anti-tobacco policy which banned flavoured tobacco products except menthol cigarettes.

Hoffman said that menthol cigarettes are used only by 4% of adult smokers and 30% of young people which is alarming. She says that the new modified policy comes to protect youth from tobacco.

New Democrats had opposed the menthol exemption at the very beginning, and Hoffman said it is great that the majority support the idea to include menthol in smoking ban.

Thus the ban of tobacco products with menthol comes into action on September 30 and retailers have several months to sell all menthol products up to the start of ban.

Experts say that children breathe tobacco smoke more deeply into lungs and therefore are more vulnerable to harm from tobacco. They get more nicotine and become addictive very quickly.

Les Hagen of the advocacy group Action on Smoking and Health says that the ban of menthols is a great victory.
50% of young smokers in Alberta use flavoured tobacco products and 1/3 of them use menthol tobacco.

On Sunday, in Nova Scotia went into effect ban on menthols and other flavoured tobacco. Quebec and Ontario plan to introduce similar legislation.

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