Alberta To Ban Menthol Cigarettes


In spite of anti-smoking policy that these days is into effect in Alberta that was introduced to protect young people from negative effects of smoking, tobacco use  is still the leading cause of preventable diseases in Canada.  Thousands of people in Alberta get diseased each year because of consumption of tobacco products. Therefore the local authorities decided last week to introduce anti-smoking laws.

The bills ban sale of flavoured tobacco products, including menthol cigarettes, ban tobacco sales to kids and teens and ban smoking in cars in presense of kids under age 18. The aim of the bills is to protect health of Alberta youth.  Alberta government is taking seriously the prevention of tobacco use among youth in spite of almost 20 lobbyists registered to encourage opposition to the bills.

Data shows that among Alberta students in Grades 9-12 who told about using tobacco in the last 30 days, more than half used flavoured tobacco products. It was estimated that almost 25,700 young Albertans are likely to become addicted.

The bills are extremely important because flavoured tobacco products target teens and kids. Data shows that more than one-third of young Alberta smokers (12,800 students) told that like to smoke menthol cigarettes. The tobacco companies do adds menthol to cigarettes in order to lower the harsh taste of tobacco smoke and soothe the throat.

Less than 5% of adult smokers in Canada do use menthol products, and among them 37% of young smokers do it, therefore authorities think menthol should be banned. Thus Bill 206 prohibits menthol flavouring as well as other flavours.   Another important element of the flavour ban is that it includes all kinds of tobacco.

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