Amherst Raises to 21 Age to Buy Tobacco


Starting from August 15, 2015, people younger than 21 will no longer be able to buy cigarettes in local stores in the city of Amherst, Massachusetts.

Chairwoman Nancy Gilbert told that last week the Board of Health unanimously voted for adopting of the new tobacco regulations.

In health department there is available all necessary information regarding the change and ratailers may come and educate themselves about it till August 15 when the cjange will be implemented.

In April there were organized public hearings in order to allow residents share their opinions on increasing age to buy cigarettes to 21. Generally there was reported opposition on the proposed change entitled “Regulations of the Amherst Board of Health Restricting the Sale of Tobacco Products.” The only person who showed his opposition was a lawyer in Arizona representing the National Association of Tobacco Outlets.

The new anti-smoking initiative puts  Amherst in the list of 50 communities statewide that have different kinds of the age restriction for tobacco use or purchase, including Greenfield, South Hadley and Montague.

Health Director Julie Federman says that young people very easy and quicky become addicted to nicotine and as a result become  life-long smokers.

Increase to 21 the legal age to buy cigarettes in a big step forward and this change go in hand with a number of others. The talk is about providing the city more power to regulated other use of not only cigarettes but also other smoking devices and tobacco products. Thus there will be established  a minimum price of $5 for packs containing two or more cigars. There will be prohibited sale of flavoured tobacco products in convenience stores.  Young people under 21 will not be allowed to enter smoke shops.

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