Anne Curtis and Nora Aunor smoking at magazine cover photo

Like their reaction to Superstar Nora Aunor’s cover photo on YES! magazine, anti-smoking quarters have criticized the cover of another magazine’s latest issue in which Anne Curtis is shown holding a cigarette.

The Philippine Medical Association (PMA) lamented that Anne’s cover photo on Rogue magazine—as with Nora’s—does not convey the right message, particularly to the youth, reported “TV Patrol” on Sept. 30.

Anne Curtis' cover photo on Rogue magazine and Nora Aunor’s cover photo on YES! magazine where they are holding a cigarette

Anne Curtis' cover photo on Rogue magazine and Nora Aunor’s cover photo on YES! magazine where they are holding a cigarette

“You have all the power and faculties to greatly influence the attitude and behavior of the Filipino youth, please do not direct them towards tobacco addiction,” the organization said in a statement.

In a separate report on “24 Oras” also on Friday, Makati Medical Society President Dr. Elizabeth Ifurung-Gonzales said, “Tinitingala sila (celebrities), iniidolo sila ng mga tao especially ng mga bata and ang dating niyan kasi smoking is good, and smoking is cool, which is not.”

The said association, which rallies behind the “Smoke Free Philippines” campaign, maintained that the issue is not about “censorship or freedom of one’s art and culture,” but rather about “life and death,” given the “clear and present danger” that tobacco smoke poses, added the “TV Patrol” report.

Dr. Ifurung-Gonzales also deemed that among the younger generation, “wala pa naman silang ganung thinking na art lang ito.”

Despite this latest controversy targeting two of the biggest stars in the industry, PMA spokesperson Dr. Mike Aragon clarified that their criticisms against Anne and Nora’s cover photos aren’t personal, stated the “TV Patrol” report.

Anne, Viva Artists Agency (which handles her career), as well as Rogue have yet to air their side on the issue. As seen on her Twitter, Anne is currently in Bangkok, Thailand for a shoot.

Nora, meanwhile, has spoken up on the matter, saying in an interview aired on “TV Patrol,” “Kriminal ba ‘yung ginawa ng tao o ano? Masyadong pinapalaki ‘yung isyu. Bakit, ngayon lang napansin na naninigarilyo ako?”

Nevertheless, she apologized to those who got offended by her photo. She has also ironed things out with Fr. Robert Reyes, a PMA volunteer who slammed her photo on the magazine, the “TV Patrol” report added.

In the Sept. 27 story by, Fr. Reyes was quoted to have said, “The Filipino reading public is not dumb… If you want to be popular again, be wholesome. Gusto niyo ba gayahin ka namin? Ang trabaho niyo is to inspire us, not to scandalize us…

“Nora, you are ill-advised. You think you are moving forward, [but] it’s a step backwards.”

YES! editor-in-chief Jo-Ann Maglipon defended Nora Aunor as well. In a statement, she explained that for her, the photo “captures” Nora and her “new openness” that reflects “who she is today.”

“She speaks out now, against perceived hurts, about her sexuality, about her children. She also smokes…” Jo-Ann added.

She also said, “In a perfect world, we will not have anyone smoking or drinking or gambling or lying. Not just in magazines, but out there in the real world… But apart from being in an imperfect world, there is the very real concern with freedom of expression, which not even the most well-meaning advocates should trample on.”

The veteran editor likewise maintained that she is all for the anti-smoking advocacy and that the “cover does not in any way flout the no smoking campaign.”

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