cigarette ashtrayAn ashtray is a receptacle for butts and ash from cigarettes and cigars. Ashtrays are made of fireproof material such as metal, glass or ceramics. Typically an ashtry is placed on a table. An ashtray looks like a shallow cylinder with a flat base. Usually there are 4 notches at the rim. They are for a better holding cigarettes and/or a cigar. Ashtrays are also often built into cars, dustbins and provided in toilets and other public places.

Ashtrays in public places are rapidly disappearing attribute due to the proliferation of smoking bans.

Ashtray AutoIn addition, many vehicle manufacturers include ashtrays only like extra equipment, instead offering ashtrays and lighter plugs as standart accessories. To fill this niche market, ashtrays which are designed to fit into an automobile’s cup holders are now on the market.

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