U.S. Plan to Ban Menthol Cigarettes

U.S. authorities may impose a ban on the sale of cigarettes with menthol filters, since menthol cigarettes contribute to a sharp increase in the number of smokers. As BBC reported, a group of U.S. experts came to this conclusion studying the influence of menthol additives in cigarettes on the health of smokers and attractiveness to potential new smokers.

cigarettes with menthol

cigarettes with menthol

American experts have proposed to ban the production of menthol cigarettes. Advisory council of the Food and Drug Administration reviewed the study, which lasted a year.

The study authors concluded that menthol in cigarettes make them more attractive for beginners as well as difficult to stop smoking.

According to experts, tobacco control worldwide is extremely slow, and because as a first step, they offer to clear up with the most dangerous kind of cigarettes – with menthol cigarettes.

“The availability of mentholated cigarettes has a negative impact on public health because they contribute to increased smoking and, correspondingly, the number of premature deaths (from diseases caused by smoking)” – said Mark Clanton, a member of council of the American Cancer Society.

As the expert explains menthol itself is harmless, but as one of the ingredients of the tobacco mixture, during the smoking process it affects the neurons of the nervous system of human body which are responsible for the sensation of cold. That is why a smoker can not feel the real strength of tobacco products. As a result of addiction to tobacco, organism will require an increase in its strength. “Menthol cigarettes are like a delayed-time bomb” – experts warn.

“The menthol in tobacco products makes smoking more attractive for beginners as well as difficult to be quitted”, said Mark Clanton, a member of council, the Chief Medical Officer of the American Cancer Society. The availability of mentholated cigarettes adversely affects the public health by increasing the number of smokers and, as a consequence of premature and preventable deaths.

According to official figures, nearly one-third of all cigarettes in the U.S. are menthol cigarettes. The total turnover of this deadly business comprises 85 billion dollars a year.

The Food and Drug Administration has already addressed to the U.S. authorities with a proposal to ban menthol cigarettes. By March 23, the consultants prepared the official report regarding the results of the meeting, which included a recommendation to ban tobacco products with menthol.

In addition, FDA intends to recommend to the authorities to conduct additional studies in order to clarify how such a ban will increase the illegal circulation of these products.

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