Banning flavored cigars ducks the main issues

Flavored Black&Mild Cigars

A US public health expert has said that banning flavored cigars would not do as much to reduce the appeal of tobacco products to children as would banning menthol cigarettes.

Flavored Black&Mild Cigars

Black&Mild flavored cigars

Professor Michael Siegel, of Boston University’s School of Public Health, was commenting on a call by senators Dick Durbin and Frank R. Lautenberg for the Food and Drug Administration to close a loophole in the Family Smoking Prevention and Tobacco Control Act by banning flavored cigars.

Siegel wrote in a blog relayed by the TMA that, in regards to products that appealed to young people, the most important loophole in the FDA law was the exemption of menthol cigarettes, not the flavored cigar exemption.

Moreover, Siegel said the menthol exemption was largely a result of efforts by Durbin, who helped co-ordinate negotiations between the Campaign For Tobacco-Free Kids and Philip Morris on the FDA legislation.

Durbin, Siegel said, was opposed to an amendment that would have removed the menthol exemption.

And Siegel also asked why Durbin was not calling for a ban on Marlboro, Camel, and Newport cigarettes, which together accounted for 90 per cent of the cigarettes smoked by young people.

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