Beijing Mobilizes Volunteers to Enforce Smoking Ban

Smoking Chinese Girl

As you know, on June 1 in Beijing came into effect a new smoking ban and in order to ensure its enforcement there will be mobilized almost ten thousand volunteers.

CRI’s Wang Wei says that besides this. the city officials encourage residents to join volunteers in order to fill the lack of law enforcement personnel.

The smoking ban in Beijing is in place already two months and the authorities say that the control efforts are satisfactory.

Despite general success, the authorities say there exists a problem of lack of personnel to ensure the law enforcement. In the city totally there are more than four million smoking individuals, but in the law enforcement are invloved only thousand people. This is not enough.

According to Zhang Jianshu, chief of Beijing Association on Tobacco Control, these days they are involving volunteers to make smoking ban work better. Up to date around 1,000 people have applied online for volunteering. Among them are people of different ages and different working fields.

The youngest volunteer has 14 years old while the oldest is 81! The registration is still open and Beijing citizens are still welcome to join. It should be said that all volunteers will get training before they start working.  It would be nice to have volunteers in all city enterprises and institutions. Their main tasks will be not only to file complaints but also handle them.

Some experienced anti-smoking activists became volunteers in this movement. Liu is one of them, and says that at the beginning smokers hardly accepted the smoking ban, but finally they complied. After some time they will understand its importance and say thank you to city authorities and anti-smoking activists.

Mei Hongguang, vice director of Beijing Patriotic Public Health Campaign Committee invites all Beijing citizens help to stop smokers from lighting up.  Volunteers will wear special badges to be recognized by people.

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