Boston to Ban Smoking In All City Public Parks


The city of Boston plans to ban smoking in all of Boston’s public parks. Recently the City Council voted in favor of the ban, which imposes $250 fines for those who violate the law and are caught lightning up a cigarette.

Councilor Matt O’Malley, chairman of the Committee on Government Operations, said that the main goal of the law is to protect Boston’s parks and make them clen, safe and healthy for all the people. When the propsal was put into discussion before  City Council, no one opposed to it.

When the law will be approved, then anyone caught smoking cigarettes, cigars,  pipes and even other lighted or vaporized substances in public places, would be subject to the heavy fines.

The new smoking ban will update an existing law which prohibits smoking at parks particularly for kids, by introduction a subsection to cover all of the public zones overseen by the city. When the law will be signed, it will be applied by park rangers and the Boston Police Department.

O’Malley says that the law is expected by citizens throughout the Commonwealth. This is the public health issue and therefore right thing to do. Then city will limit use of tobacco in bars and restaurants as other cities did. Smoking ban will extend to parks, cemeteries,  golf courses and other public places. O’Malley said that the new law bans smoking in parks and not outside.

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