Business has SouthGate Mall smoking with new opportunity

In a time when it has become unpopular to smoke cigarettes in public places a young, local, entrepreneur has found a way to not only provide a place where smoking is acceptable but coffee and tea are the main items on the menu.

A new business, VapeShak, opens Saturday, April 9, in the SouthGate Mall, offering smokers an alternative to the tobacco cigarettes that keeps smokers from enjoying their custom out in public.

VapeShak is a coffee shop, an internet café’ and a place to “vape” all in one place.

Owner Josh Rudnick demonstrated the electronic cigarette, called a VapeStik, which he claims allows smokers to smoke without the harmful effects of tobacco cigarette.

Rather than what was traditionally called smoking with tobacco products, the users of the VapeStik call what they do “vaping.”

New offering to smokers

New offering to smokers

“This is not something new we are offering, the electronic cigarette has been around for a while,” said Rudnick. “We started selling the VapeStiks through the internet and that business has really taken off. So when we decided to move the business because we needed more space we found this location and decided to expand into a coffee shop and internet café.”

The small café, located in the breezeway of the mall, offers a VapeStik, as well as premium coffees and teas in a one-of-a-kind atmosphere.

There are many things to do at the café, customers can surf the net, sip on a Kona Blend coffee, or relax and “vape.”

Rudnick said the electronic cigarettes are much cheaper than regular cigarettes and can save smokers up to 75 percent of the cost of the traditional tobacco product.

How does a Vapestick looks like

How does a Vapestick looks like

“Our electronic cigarette packs are unique because they allow you to charge your battery on the go. They have a LCD charge indicator inside the package,” said Rudnick. “We offer a starter kit, which consists of two batteries, a charging case, one atomizer, USB cable, charging cable and five flavor cartridges.”

Rudnick also reported that these VapeStiks are less harmful to the smoker than the tobacco product currently used.

The low-cost Cartomizer offered at the café provides customers with the opportunity to try out the VapeStik without the cost of purchasing the whole unit.

Vapeshak Café also offers customers the convenience of calling ahead to place an order and having it brought directly to the vehicle.

Vapeshak Café will offer the first 15 customers a free premium coffee or tea during the Grand Opening on Saturday. There will also be a 25 percent discount to every customer who visits the café Saturday and an additional 25 percent discount will be awarded to anyone who checks into the VapeShak Café on the places-feature on Facebook.

Rudnick originally started the VapeStik business to offer the electronic cigarette to customers at a cheaper rate than the tobacco based cigarette and felt the move to the café was a natural one.

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