California allows smoking bans in apartments

California legislators passed a law allowing smoking bans in multifamily housing complexes.

“I think what this does is provide legal clarity … putting [landlords] on solid legal ground if they choose to have those restrictions,” said Craig Powell, whose Sacramento company Powell Properties LP owns several upscale apartment complexes.

Smoking Ban

Smoking ban sign in an apartment

The law, that went into effect Sunday, requires landlords to specify in their lease/rental agreements where smoking is prohibited on their properties, The Sacramento (Calif.) Bee reported.

State Sen. Alex Padilla, D-Los Angeles, authored the bill signed into law by Gov. Jerry Brown Sept. 6.

“We will see the availability of smoke-free, multifamily housing grow throughout California,” Padilla said.

Powell said he doesn’t believe the measure will drastically change the Sacramento apartment/condo market.

“There are tens of thousands of [units]) in the Sacramento area, and residents have freedom to choose,” he said. “If they want a change, then residents are going to find a market.”

Robert Best, the western director of the Smoker’s Club Inc., a nation smokers’ rights group, said, “landlords have the right to ban smoking in their complexes, but I don’t think the state should be attacking smokers while the country is going down the toilet.”

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