Cambridge Council Proposed to Raise Tobacco Buying Age

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Last week on the meeting all members of Cambridge City Council in Massachusetts showed their support of the proposal to ban smoking in all parks and city open spaces, motels and outdoor food areas. Also there was proposed to raise to 21 the legal age to buy cigarettes in stores in order to prevent youth from smoking.

If the bill will be adopted by the council’s Ordinance Committee,Cambridge will join other eight municipalities in the state where people should have 21 to buy cigarettes. Last years counties in Hawaii, Utah, Alaska, New York, New Jersey, Alabama raised age to buy cigarettes. Some cities in Massachusetts have raised the tobacco sale age to 19.

Councilor Marc McGovern says that health of young people is most important thin and that is the reason why the age to buy tobacco products is increased.

The law would also ban sale of tobacco products (cigarettes, cigars, pipes) at drug stores and pharmacies. Sale of e-cigarettes will also be regulated as they will be accepted as tobacco products. It means that people could buy them if they are 21.

Todat there is no state law in Massachusetts which bans sale of e-ciagrttes to those who are under 21. Besides this, there will be restricted the sale of flavored tobacco.

In 2011 there was created a Smoking in Parks working group to review municipal anti-smoking policy options, enforcement concerns. They also were worried about the effects of secondhand smoke exposure.

Last year in January the City Council demanded a review of the city’s tobacco sale policies for drug stores, pharmacies and healthcare facilities.

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