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One man. Three beautiful women. In a world where the human population has exceeded its resources, only a select few are...

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Details of Captured and Conquered

Exact title of the book
Captured and Conquered
Book author
Breanna Hayse
Book edition
Number of pages
94 pages
March 1st 2015 by Smashwords Edition
File size (in PDF)
376 kB
Captured and Conquered

Some brief overview of book

One man. Three beautiful women. In a world where the human population has exceeded its resources, only a select few are permitted to breed and continue the species.

They earn this honor by competing in the Maze, a massive structure of multiple levels with only one way out. To win requires the use of their strength, daring, and intelligence. The prize is enormous: a winning male receives the woman he captures and conquers.

However, if he loses, he faces a life sentence of slavery in the mines located deep beneath the planet's surface. For the women, bred for their beauty, cunning, and intelligence, to win means freedom. To lose means being enslaved in the Elder's harem, given to the miners for relief, or, even worse, becoming the brood mare to the winning male.

The male wears the locked belt of a captive. He will be released into the maze to compete for the chance to become one of the few humans allowed to reproduce. He must capture and conquer one of his opponents before she escapes the massive structure.

If he does, he wins the key that will unlock the uncomfortable leather binding that prevents him from experiencing pleasure. There's a catch, though... No harm can come to the Trained Ones, the women he must seek to conquer.

Only they know the verbal code to unlock the tethers that bind him. For him to win, he must make a Trained One mutter three secret words to declare his win to the world, and declare herself as his prize. Since he cannot harm her, he must find other ways to convince her to obey.

No one knows what waits for them inside of the maze, but everyone is watching. Publisher's Note: The Maze is an erotic novel that includes non-consensual spanking, the use of restraints, enemas and anal play, some medical play, exhibitionism, some ageplay elements, extensive sex scenes, and more. Very hot, but if such material offends you, please don't buy this book.