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How to roll a cigarette

A video clip from about cigarette rolling.

Cigarette case

A cigarette case or cigarette box is a sturdy, most commonly metal container to store small amounts of cigarettes safely from crushing. In modern times they are also made of plastic. In its simpler form (sometimes called cigarette tin) it


An ashtray is a receptacle for butts and ash from cigarettes and cigars. Ashtrays are made of fireproof material such as metal, glass or ceramics. Typically an ashtry is placed on a table. An ashtray looks like a shallow cylinder


Humidor(lat.  humidus — humid) is a box, casket for a cigar storage. The main goal for the humidor is to keep humidity of cigars at level of 65-75%. In this case cigars don’t lose their quality. Traditionally humidor is a