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Teen Girls Who Smoke are at Higher Risk for Heart Disease


A new research by The University of Western Australia found that teen girls who smoke cigarettes or take oral contraceptives are at higher risks for heart disease than teen boys who smoke. The results of the research were published in

Australia: Tobacco Sales Increased Despite Plain Packaging


New data released last week showed that in 2013 deliveries of tobacco to retailers in Australia have increased for the first time in at least 5 years, even after the introduction of plain cigarettes packaging. In December 2012 Australia became

Smokers are More Worried About Effect of Smoking on Their Looks


A research made recently found that people who smoke do worry more about the effects smoking has on their appearence than on their health.  It was found that, despite the negative effects of smoking on health, a large percentage of

Historic Smoking Report Celebrates 50th Anniversary


50 years ago it was an absolutely normal thing to see ashrtays on almost every table. Famous athletes, Hollywood actors and even Fred Flintstone advertised cigarettes in TV commercials. Clouds of smoke hung in the air in most places such

Cigarettes and Coffee May Protect Against Liver Disease

Coffee and Cigarettes

A new study conducted in Norway showed that use of both cigarettes and coffee are shown to potentially protect against primary sclerosing cholangitis (PSC) that is a chronic liver disease caused by chronic inflammation of the bile ducts. The findings

Universal Removed Marlboro Logos From Rush Trailers

Car Racing

Rush, a biographical film which shows the 1976 challenge between MacLaren driver James Hunt and Ferrari driver Nikki Lauda was released in September in the USA. Philip Morris imprinted its well-recognized Marlboro cigarettes brand on MacLaren team cars. Soon it

Higher Prices on Cigarettes Mean Less Smoking


A recent research made by UC San Diego School of Medicine shows that cigarettes price increase and promoting smoke-free homes are most effective strategies to reduce tobacco use nationwide. The researchers examined data on smoking habits of 150,967 Americans ageed

Teens are Attracted by Novelty Cigarette Packs

cigarette pack

A new research showed that beautiful cigarette packs attract young people to start smoking. It was revealed that young people preferred novelty packaging from famous cigarette manufacturers to plain packs. Besides this, recently same department at the University of Stirling

New Survey on Effects of Tobacco Ads in Indonesia

smoking woman

Latest survey made in Indonesia by National Commission on Child Protection (KPAI) has discovered that 1 in 10 of the children decided to start smoking cigarettes after they saw tobacco advertisements. National Commission on Child Protection says that tobacco advertisements

Most of Cruise Passengers Want Smoking Ban on Liner Balconies

Cruise Liner

A new research in the UK found that a great number of British travellers who go in cruises on a regular basis do support a ban on passengers being able to smoke on their balconies in cabin. During a survey