Children of Smokers are More Likely to Start Smoking

Smoking Teenager

According to a new study, kids of regular smokers are more likely to try cheapest cigarettes and to become regular smokers themselves. Scientists found that the more years a kid was exposed to parental smoking, the higher is the risk that the kid would try smoking and become then regular smokers.  The study was published on May 12 in the journal Pediatrics.

Scientists say that parents who smoke cigarettes on a regular basis should quit their habit as early as possible in order to reduce the possibility of their kids to become smokers in their adult life.

According to  Darren Mays, an assistant professor of oncology at Georgetown University Medical Center, when one or both parents smoke in a family, their kids accept smoking as a nornal thing and it would be hard to discourage those kids from taking up the habit.

Parents should understand that they are examples for their kids to follow. Children normally copy parent’s behavior and smoking too.

In the study participated more than 400 New England parents and their children aged 12 – 17. During five years scientists watched them and noticed that the children of regular smokers were more likely to have tried cigarettes or to have become smokers,

Best way for the smoking parents to influence positively their kids is to quit smoking and show that this is best opportunity for them. Quitting is hard, therefore parents should have the possibility to benefit from smoking cessation programs.

Though this study found a connection between parental smoking and the likelihood that a kid would smoke too, however, it cannot claim that namely parents’ smoking caused the child’s behavior. Earlier a different study showed that kids are still esposed to cigarettes ads and this may also influence them to start smoking.

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