Children Want Smoke-Free Waffle House

Protest in Waffle House

On January, 26, young people from Cleaner Air for Kids organization gathered in front of Waffle House in Biloxi, Mississippi, in order to demand the company to introduce a nationwide policy to ban smoking in the facility.

Main aim of Cleaner Air for Kids is to to promote awareness about the negative effects of secondhand smoke.

Hailey Hester, 14-year-old President of Youth Advocacy for Cleaner Air, organized the protest after receiving complaints about smoking at Waffle House. Hailey.says

“I feel discriminated. I don’t feel like I have equal rights like everyone else does, because I can’t sit in there. I’ll get sick, I’ll have to go to the hospital,”

According to  Cleaner Air for Kids, almost 75% of Waffle Houses in Mississippi are already smoke-free.  The organization wants the company to become 100% smoke-free.

People who like to smoke cigarettes have the right to do this as it is their personal choice but they should not subject other people to the same thing. So the smoking ban issue is really very important. Protester Payton Nichols considers that smoking should be banned not only in Mississippi, but in all American states. It will take a long time to reslize the ban and we should begin now.

For achieving great results more children should be involved in the anti-smoking action, says  Hailey. Only common efforts will help to create smoke-free environment.

Cleaner Air for Kids is anorganization that acts for smoke-free environments for children.  The organization plans to continue their actions to increase awareness of the secondhand smoke.

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