China has 300 million smokers, mostly youth

China has over 300 million smokers, the highest in the world, with the rate of teenage smokers increasing each year, a top official said.

Chinese Smoker

Chinese smoking woman

As the world’s largest tobacco-producing and consuming country, China has 300 million smokers and 740 million victims of passive smoking, Huang Jiefu, Vice-Minister of Health said, as quoted by the official media here today.

Around 1.2 million people die from tobacco-related in China diseases every year.

Statistics reveal that the rate of teenage smokers is increasing year by year, with a tendency to begin young. This problem has become the top priority for China’s tobacco control efforts, he said.

The assessment which the China Tobacco Control Association (CTCA) made after making unannounced visits to 800 schools last year revealed that only two per cent of those schools gained scores of over 60 out of 100 when measuring the

smoke-free environment.

About 83.63 per cent of schools scored 40 points or less.

In July 2010, the Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Health jointly developed a series of standards and rules to prevent and control teenage smoking.

CTCA launched a pilot project on Tuesday to build up 30 different types of national smoke-free model schools across three cities, including Beijing, ZhengZhou, and Kaifeng.

Considering the large number of smokers, the World Health Organisation (WHO) last year warned that China could be hit by a surge in tobacco-related deaths in the coming decades if no tobacco control measures are put in place.

If the trend continued the number of tobacco-related deaths in China will rise to an estimated 3.5 million per year by 2030, WHO said in the report tittled “Tobacco Control and China’s Future” said.

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