China Attempts to Fight Smoking

Chinese Man

On November 24, the Legislative Affairs Office of the State Council in China released a decision to prohibit smoking at some outdoor and almost all indoor public spaces. The decision also includes providing necessary help for those who want to quit, placing graphic warnings on cigarette packs, prohibiting tobacco ads and promotional activities.

The decision now is in form of draft and before its official issue nationwide the authorities want to hear comments from general public and organizations that are interested in the subject.

In China, its capital Beijing takes the lead in fighting with smoking. Experts consider that a law or administrative regulation is only the first step towars reduction of smoking rates in the country. In order to achieve greater results these regulations should have effective and decisive implementation. Activities for law violations should be clearly defined and there must be introduced fines for it. Fines should be in form of fixed sum and smokers should know that if they dared to smoke in a public place they will be subjected to a fine. The same should be introduced for restaurants as well.

Experts say that there is a need to place no-smoking signs in public spaces and restaurants.  In order to create a real smoke-free environment in any organization or workplace, the heads of these places should put their efforts to keep them smoke-free. Some experts consider that employees should report violators to publicly announced enforcement stations.

There exists an opinion that doctors, politicians, teachers should demonstrate a good example for others and quit smoking if they do it. They also should reject secondhand smoking and help their friends and relatives to quit. Generally, for those willing to quit there should be available quit smoking programs and tools.

China ratified the Framework Convention on Tobacco Control back in 2006. However, the country failed to reach its goals and now it tries to improve the situation.

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