China Fails To Reduce Smoking

chinese smokers

Latest report on tobacco and smoking control showed that China did nor achieve significant results in curbing smoking and protecting people from secondhand smoke. The report is entitled Tobacco Control in China from A Civil Society Perspective 2013 and it was made by the organization ThinkTank.

It discovered that over the past decade cigarettes production on the mainland had increased by almost 50%.  Wu Yiqun, deputy director of ThinkTank said that ten years ago the government of China signed the WHO Framework Convention on Tobacco Control in order to reduce tobacco use, However, the number of smokers and those exposed to secondhand smoke have not decreased at all.

Data from National Health and Family Planning Commission demonstrates that these days in  China there are 300 million smokers. And besides this 740 million people  are exposed to secondhand smoke, mostly in public places.  Smoking rate among males is 52.96%, and more than 28% of people older than 15 do smoke cigarettes.

Xu Guihua, deputy director of the Chinese Association on Tobacco Control considers that China’s inability to protect its people from smoking has seriously spoilt the country’s image abroad. The country even failed to ban tobacco promotion, advertising and sponsorship,

The WHO ranked China in the bottom 10% of all FCTC signatory countries and regions in terms of smoking bans at public places and workplaces.

There was made a survey of countries such as Russia, Brazil, China, India and it found that 86% of Chinese kids could recognize at least one cigarette brand.

Wang Ke’an considers that must be made revisions to the law in order to better facilitate China’s implementation of the FCTC.

Several Chinese provinces and cities have passed laws and regulations prohibiting smoking at public places but enforcement remains weak.

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