Chinese Become More Aware About Secondhand Smoke

Chinese Smoker

Today Chinese people become more and more informed about the negative effects of secondhand smoke exposure, especially for kids. This happens due to No Tobacco Day which attracts people’s attention to the problem. No Tobacco Day is celebrated worldwide each year on May 31.

Liu Ying from Xi’an, Shaanxi province, is a pregnant woman who cares about her future baby. She told all her friends and family members about the dangers of secondhand smoke for her baby and asked them not to smoke in her presence. She gave them stickers with the inscription ‘Please guard our little angel and stay away from tobacco’. She says that over past year several of her friends gave up smoking in order to provide healthy environment for the development of her baby.

Gan Quan from Changchun, Jilin province, spends his time to tell people how tobacco smoke affects fetus. He is head of the Chinese office of the International Union Against Tuberculosis and Lung Disease. If you are pregnant, you should know that secondhand smoke may cause insufficient fetal growth and may even lead to an early abortion. Long-time exposure to secondhand smoke will increase health hazards in kids and may cause asthma.

Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention released recently a report which revealed that 6.9% of Chinese teens smoke, and over 80% have tried smoking cigarettes before the age of 13.  Though China adopted the WHO Framework Convention on Tobacco Control, it still faces problems with tobacco control. Today China remains a country  with high smoking rates because people have little knowledge about the effects of secondhand smoke.

This year China banned smoking in public places in big cities as Shanghai, Beijing, Changchun and Tianjin. Besides this, parents and teachers are prohibited from smoking in presence of children.

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