cuban cigarsA cigar is a tightly rolled bundle of dried and fermented tobacco that is ignited so that its smoke may be drawn into the mouth.

For the first time cigars were supplied by the Netherlands merchants in Europe. Cigar smoking became a privilege of rich and noble peoples of that time. Men and women were smoking cigars.

Cigars became the most popular  in the early of 21st century. Everebody were smoking them everywhere. A gentleman without a cigar wasn’t a gentleman. There were special smoking rooms in many public places and even special smoking carriages in trains. Gentlemen were smoking сigars usually in the afternoon in a nice comapny of people together with expencive wine or brandy. Cuba was the biggest exporter of cigars. At the early of 21st century other countries started to produce cigars. At first it came in Dominican Republic, after that in Mexico, Honduras and Nicaragua. From the beginning hand made producing of cigars was predominating in Brazil, Venezuela, Panama, India, Philippines and Canary Islands. In USA, Belgium, France, Switzerland, Austria, Germany and England cigars were producing at factories.

Closer to 70th of 21st cigar smoking popularity gradually felt down and grow up again nowdays. Not only showmen or rich people smoke cigars but usual people smoke cigars also. There is a big assortment of cigars today and of course hand made cigars are the most expensive. There is an opninion that during producing of hand made cigars all rules of producing and technology processes are strictly kept.

The top sellers of cigars are Cuba and Dominican Republic. Cuba cigars and Dominican cigars have allmost the same price but have different flavor. Dominican cigars are more mild and light. It is a good choise for a beginner smoker. Tobacco in the Dominican cigars is mixed. There is no mixed tobacco in Cuba cigars and they are stronger than Dominican ones.

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