Cigarette Consumption Drops As Teenagers Getting Hookah-ed on Smoking

Hookah Smoking Teenager

The review by the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration demonstrated that in the course of that time, teenager cigarette consumption across the country dropped from 12.6% to 8.7%, although rates in individual states were various. Wyoming had the country’s highest rate, at 13.5%, which was more than twice the rate of 5.9% for Utah, the state with the country’s lowest rate. The review identified current consumption as smoking in the past month.

The review revealed that teenagers’ understanding of great danger of problems from smoking 20 cigarettes a day or more increased from 63.7% to 65.4%. But, the rate raised in only several states; the remaining states remained at the same level.

“Although this review demonstrates that significant progress has been done in decreasing teenager cigarette smoking, the unsatisfactory fact continues to be that in many states about one in 10 teenagers smoked cigarettes in the past month,” said SAMHSA Administrator Pamela S. Hyde.

“The review also displays that we must together improve our efforts to better inform teenagers about the dangers of tobacco, and keep working with every state to provide successful tobacco-use-prevention and -recovery programs.”

The no-smoking information is getting out, though, to an extent. A review out last year identified that children are smoking more hookah—perhaps in place of cigarettes – due to longstanding anti-smoking campaigns, although hookah have a lot of their own disadvantages.

But maybe that anti-smoking message needs to be widened. Perhaps because they do not understand it also contains serious health risks, an approximated 18.5% of 12th graders said they had used a hookah in 2011, as outlined by a new review from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

More needs to be carried out to reduce the quantity of teenagers who smoke flavored tobacco from hookahs, the CDC said. While hookah smoke includes many of the same toxins as cigarettes, its flavors and prices may attract teenagers and make it seem more innocent than cigarettes.

The CDC reiterated that the single most powerful measure in decreasing teenage smoking is increasing the price of tobacco products. Since hookahs are a type of pipe, and shisha, the flavored tobacco smoked in hookahs, is a variety of pipe tobacco, the item carries a $2.83 per pound federal tax rate—about $22 per pound less than the federal tax on cigarette tobacco.

The scientists required increasing the price of hookah, taking away its sweet flavorings, and marking hookah tobacco products to tell smokers about health risks. Hookah bars should no longer be exempt from tobacco-free laws, the scientists said.

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