Cigarette packs start alerting people against smoking

Marlboro Menthol

Cigarette packets presently in supply in Oman have begun to have the warnings of potential risks of smoking together with a convincing picture targeting to encourage smoking people to quit smoking.

This comes after a recent Omani Health Ministry guideline to all tobacco companies and sellers to preserve such warnings as element of anti-smoking strategy.

Consequently, the newest cigarette packs being supplied in the country comprising this cancer sticks read, together with an ill-fated man’s burnt fingers: “Smoking increases the risk of more than 25 diseases including cancer and cardio-vascular diseases”. To this point, these packets designed to have the age-old but still related warning “Smoking is injurious to health” internationally.

Reports have demonstrated that Oman is one of the locations where a good number of people are smokers. In a research carried out by the Research and Studies Directorate at the Ministry of Health, up to 12% of Omani men reported they smoke every day. This demonstrates a remarkably growing trend in smoking habits in comparison with the 2004 data which revealed 7% of the people in Oman were smokers.

Due to these researches, the Sultanate has already prohibited cigarette ads on radio and television together with billboards and hoardings. Since then, there has been a pressure from parents from various walks to prevent people smoking cigarettes in shopping malls, concert halls and restaurants. Consequently, the Muscat Municipality’s has introduced a smoking ban in all public places in the country on April 2, 2010. The smoking ban was focused on preserving all enclosed and semi-enclosed public areas such as workplaces, hotels, departmental stores, hospitals, educational institutions, and cafes free from cigarette smoke. Any smoker found violating the ban has been fined up to RO 100 for the first and second time and RO 300 from the third time.

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