Cigarette Smoking Rate Drops to New Low in Minnesota

Smoking Woman

Last years, a number of organizations were informing American people about negative effects of using cigarettes. Recently the Minnesota Department of Health released data which confirms that smoking is falling out of favor.

The latest research demonstrates that tobacco use among adult people in US state of Minnesota has declined to 14.4%, a 28% decrease compared to 1999.

Main factors which played an important role in this drop are increase of cigarettes prices and introduction of legislation which makes it more difficult to smoke in public places.

These are good news for activists from the Dodge Refreshed Healthy Living Expo in Dodge Center and the Four Corners Partnership, which promote smoke-free living in such counties as Steele, Goodhue, Dodge, Rice.

Alicia Schumacher of the Four Corners Partnership, is happy with the progresses made in past years in increasing people’s awarness about negative effects of smoking, especially at an early age.

However, at the back of  drop in cigarette smoking rate, one thing makes Four Corners Partnership worry. The talk is about increasing use of electonic cigarettes,and growing popularity of these devices among youth. Schumacher told these are not very good news as there is no enough data on how they impact human’s health.

A study found that 5.9% of Minnesotans use e-cigarettes every 30 days and this is 600% increase from 2010. Figures are alarming.

Four Corners Partnership considers that e-cigarettes are not safe and they should be treated just like regular cigarettes.

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