Cigarettes and Coffee May Protect Against Liver Disease

Coffee and Cigarettes

A new study conducted in Norway showed that use of both cigarettes and coffee are shown to potentially protect against primary sclerosing cholangitis (PSC) that is a chronic liver disease caused by chronic inflammation of the bile ducts.

The findings provide more information about coffee as a possible protective agent in liver diseases.  The study was conducted by researchers at the Norwegian PSC Research Center located at Oslo University Hospital and the University of Oslo.

The study was made with the help of questions about environmental exposures, in which participated 240 PSC patients and 245 controls.

The study demonstrated that patients with PSC had used low coffee both currently and in the early adulthood, which made researchers suggest that use of coffee could protect against the development of the disease. In patients with PSC who drank coffee there were found lower levels of liver enzymes in the blood, which suggested a beneficial effect in the liver.

As to smoking cigarettes, only 20% of the patients told they smoke on the daily basis, in comparison with 43% of the healthy controls. Besides this, cigarette smokers got the disease in 10 years later than non-smokers. The results of the present study confirm previous findings that smoking is a possible protective factor in case of PSC.

PSC affects mostly adults aged 30-40 years with a high risk of associated cancer of the bile ducts.  For treatment of the disease few remedies are available and the possible protective effect of smoking against PSC gives good prospective for future.

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