Cigarettes destroy genes

As everybody knows, tobacco and nicotine affect everyone in different ways. Someone can smoke a pack of cigarettes every day and at the same time if it is necessary to quit quietly, but someone, on the contrary, becomes a heavy smoker after a few puffs and tries to get rid of this habit during lifetime. But scientists have found that it depends on genes.

A man smokes a cigarette

A man smokes a cigarette

American scientists have shown that inhalation of cigarette smoke leads to changes at the genetic level.

As studies showed, the likelihood of addiction to nicotine is largely dependent on the activity of the gene CYP2A6, encoding an enzyme involved in the destruction of this compound.

AFP reports that the study of group of scientists, led by Stephen Hecht and held by the American Chemical Society, USA, found that smoking leads to genetic changes. The results were published in the journal Chemical Research in Toxicology.

Scientists have observed polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons in the organisms of 12 smoking volunteers. Polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons are contained in tobacco smoke, emissions of road transport, waste oil, and food cooked on the barbecue. They had examined the influence of hydrocarbon phenanthrene and found that it destroys the DNA and causes mutations that can lead to cancer.

Stephen Hecht said that the study is unique because it explores the consequences of inhaling tobacco smoke, not taking into account the harm caused by emissions or the effects of malnutrition. “These results should serve as a warning for those people who want to start smoking cigarettes, ” Hecht said.

Smoking caused about 90% of cases of lung cancer. Every year this diagnosis is received by 38,000 people in the UK. Lung cancer is one of the most dangerous types of cancer, each year it kills 34,5 thousand lives. According to the forecasts of the International Agency for Research on Cancer, by 2030, cancer will kill 13.3 million people annually. The number of new cancer cases in 2030 will reach 21.3 million.

With regard to breast cancer, alcohol is responsible for its development. Daily glass of liquor increases the risk of all cancers by 6%. This is particularly important for women under the age of 75 years. The risk of breast cancer, in those who like alcohol, is increased by 12%, straight intestine – 10%, gullet – 22%, oral cavity – 29%, throat – by 44%. However, the study, conducted by World Cancer Research Fund, found that daily consumption of weak wine reduces the risk of some cancers. But, most scientists recommend completely give up alcohol in order to reduce the risk of cancer.

Recently it was revealed that highly allergic individuals suffer from cancer less than other people. Adverse reactions to allergens stimulate the immune system, helping a person to defend themselves against potentially fatal diseases. For example, women with asthma are at 30% less likely to get sick of ovary cancer.

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