Coos Bay City Extended Smoking Ban


Council of Coos Bay City, Oregon, told this week that smoking will be banned on its boardwalk.  The City Council adopted an ordinance which says that people are prohibited from smoking on or within 25 feet of the city’s wooden boardwalk. It was decided to extend Ordinance No. 428, which has been banning smoking in and around Mingus Park.

Mayor Crystal Shoji told that the decision was not difficult to take and it was not a political one. People are aware about the effects of smoking and the councilmen voted unanimously for the ordinance. They told that smoking on boardwalk raises a great concern as it presents a particular hazard for people’s health and safety.

Most people got used to butt out their cigarettes against the wooden planks but this action is extremely dangerous as it may provoke fire. Moreover, it is not aesthetic when cigarette butts are seen everywhere on the ground. Public areas should not be used as ashtrays. Councilmen want Coos Bay to be a beautiful and clean city.

Chris Chapanar, the Captain in the Police, says that at the beginning people seen smoking will be told to stop it. People must be informed about the new smoking ban.

According to  Chapanar, smoking ban in Mingus Park was a general compliance. People caught smoking were subjected to fines. Every violation penalizes separately, even in case the violation occurs daily. You may find the whole text of ordinance on the website of Coos Bay city.

However, the authorities admit that it is impossible to control everything, but the idea is worth trying. The community should understand the importance of refusing from cigarettes.

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