Delay in law on cigarette packaging could be expensive for tobacco companies

Plain Cigarette Packaging

The tobacco lobby in Poland is unhappy about changes in the law that will mean as from 1 March 2013 new warnings of the dangers of smoking must be given. Given the short space of time, the tobacco companies believe that some 20m packets with the former packaging will still be in circulation and that they will lose at least PLN200m (EUR46m). Last year around 55.6bn cigarettes were sold in Poland.

Plain Cigarette Packaging

Plain packaging with cigarettes

The Health Ministry is still dithering about what it wants on the packaging whilst the manufacturers claim that they need at least 17 months to bring the changes into effect, otherwise they will suffer major financial loss.

They believe that they need to put the date back to 1 March 2014 – or better – scrap it altogether and wait for the next EU directive which is now in the planning stage and due in several months time. This directive could lead to even more changes and the industry considers that it would be better to make all the changes at one time.

The European Commission is believed to be seeking packaging which will be the same for all tobacco brands and forbidding them to appear openly in retail points. The Italian crime thinktank Transcrime has warned that making the law so severe could increase the amount of illegal cigarettes, the funds for which will go entirely into the hands of organised crime. At the same time it will be very bad news for owners of tobacco kiosks and tobacconists who rely on sales of this product and need to show what they have on offer.

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