Denmark: Smoking Rates Among Youth on Rise

Smoking Young

According to the latest data presented by the Danish State Institute of Public Health (SIPH), almost 46% upper-secondary students in the country use cigarettes either on the daily basis or from time to time. Data shows that over past two decades there was noted a significant increase among young Danish smokers.

The course of the research there were questioned nearly 75,000 young people aged 16-19 in Denmark’s fitness centres. The obtained data showed that despite a drop from 17% to 12% of people smoking on the daily basis in the past twenty years, there is noted a great increase in number of occasional smokers.

Janne Tolstrup,  SIPH professor, said that the causes of this increase are hidden in fact that people do not undestand the effects of smoking on health. Most of them consider that tobacco is hazardous when used on regular basis and small amounts of cigarettes are safe. In the past twenty years Denmark out a lot of efforts and spent a lot of money to fight smoking among youth, however, the obtained results cannot be considered as a success.

Researchers are worried that the problem of smoking among youth is more apparent at vocational schools, where 20% young people smoke occasionally and 37% on a regular basis. Young people prefer to buy flavoured cigarettes.

Among adults the situation with smoking is better, because here is noted a drop in smoking rates. But smoking among youth is on rise.

Health Minister Sophie Lohde disagrees with the idea that their anti-smoking efforts failed. She sais that the situation is under control.

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