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I was twenty when I received the most important call of my life. It was my brother, and he was saving me from a life he never...

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Details of Drake (Hunter PI & Security #2)

Exact title of the book
Drake (Hunter PI & Security #2)
Book author
Sharon Cummin
Book edition
Number of pages
351 pages
January 24th 2019
File size (in PDF)
1404 kB
Drake (Hunter PI & Security #2)

Some brief overview of book

I was twenty when I received the most important call of my life. It was my brother, and he was saving me from a life he never knew existed. The four years leading up to that call had been horrible.

The man my mom brought into our home, the one she thought could do no wrong, had pulled me deep into a life involving alcohol, drugs, and beatings, for both her and me, and I desperately wanted out. I offered for her to go with me, to take care of her, but she wouldn't leave him. When I walked out the door, away from that awful life, she told me never to come back, and I agreed.

Nothing would ever get me to go back to that place. Four and a half years later, things were going well for me, great actually. I'd gotten my GED, learned to drive, moved into my own apartment, and earned half of the company I'd helped my brother build.

Life was better than I'd ever imagined it could be, and nothing was going to screw that up. I was on top of the world. Then my phone rang, and that call I'd thought was the most important of my life wasn't as important anymore.

The new call, it changed my life. She was gone. My mom was dead.

They said it was an overdose, but I wasn't buying it. She'd never touched the stuff. It was him, the guy she would have done anything for, and I was going to do whatever it took to prove it.

I was going back to the city I never thought I'd step foot in again, and I wasn't leaving, not until he was behind bars or buried six feet under. When I got there, I had my head in the game, right where it belonged. I was on a mission, and I wasn't about to let anything stand in my way, not a single thing.

Then I met her, his daughter, and I knew my life would never be the same again.