Enticing Flavored Cigarettes

Appealing to the market of emotional eaters, taste is another niche to hook new smokers.

The Black Devil Brand comes in an assortment of flavors and colors. Even the name implies you can do something “naughty” and get away with it.

The pink cigarettes are flavored with “Rose” which is one of the most appealing of fragrances in the world. The black package contains chocolate flavored death sticks, one of the most sought after tastes and foods.

Pink cigarettes

Pink cigarettes

By piggybacking on “Chocolate and Roses” the cigarettes mask the reality that their ingredients and harmful, toxic and can shorten one’s life. Praying on the emotions of young people to get them to pick up their first cigarette is a pretty disgusting tactic.

Especially, since younger people are the least likely to contemplate mortality and the pain associated with prolonged health problems.

Next we may see prescription drug manufacturers doing the same thing.

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One Response to Enticing Flavored Cigarettes

  1. Jeff says:

    No need to say that the tastiest flavored cigarettes are the clove cigarettes. This brand call Djarum Black is what I smoke everyday. They are also banned in the US now :(

    This Djarum is one of our favourites because of it’s distinctive black box. The cigarettes themselves are black too, so if you’re trying for a gunfighter image, this might be the smoke for you.

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