Flavored tobacco leaf wraps unveiled

Lone Star Wraps

Vendors of Fosters tobacco products and Karma rolling papers, Fosters Distributors state that their current introduction is the ‘next big thing’ in smoking accessories.

January heralds the release of Lone Star Wraps; these represent flavored tobacco leaf wraps, which are applied in place of rolling papers and with tobacco to produce the great flavored ‘roll your own’.

Andrew Armstrong, director at Fosters mentioned that wraps are currently a developing piece of youngsters culture in the UK the sales of which are carried out by means of alternative retailers and online tobacco stores. Many ‘in-the-know’ independent convenience retailers and newsagents are already profiting on this increasing trend by obtaining wraps from independent suppliers. Wraps are applied into general selling by means of standard channels, by providing high-quality products from a trustworthy source in the Dominican Republic.

They are introduced in 6 attractive fruity flavors such as blueberry, grape, strawberry, kiwi, mango and watermelon along with the most preferred Straight-Up unflavored wraps. Two wraps are available in special grip seal packaging for extended freshness. 25 packs of 2 wraps can be found in high-visibility display outer that are placed in cases of 24. An RSP of £1 per two-pack offers retailers margins up to 50 percent in addition to providing suppliers with increased margins.

Armstrong added that whatever occurs over there will ultimately come over here. In the United States wraps are actually of great success together with the market doubling over a long time and to such an extent that the sales of wraps are better than rolling papers there.

The company has really worked to increase the visual influence the display outers have on the gantry because there is a way of opportunity to demonstrate the brand before all gantries have to be included by 2015. The present display ban indicates that smaller stores have a great option to make this market segment their very-own. Lone Star Wraps give colour and interest to the tobacco gantry, provide fantastic margins and meet a present demand for products that buyers find difficult to purchase.

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