Flavored Tobacco Regulations?

Do you think tobacco companies are deliberately targeting children with a new line of flavored tobacco?

– Absolutely but we all know for the tobacco companies case its all about the bottom line. This is another case where parents/responsible adult(s) have to take control and be held accountable for the action of their children.

Camel Flavored Cigarettes

Flavored Tobacco Products made by R.J. Reynolds

They are targeting young people, and a particular market of adults as well. Let’s be honest: one of the tobacco products shown in this story advertises itself as a ‘blunt wrapper’.

– Of course! They have to keep pace with the latest “drink” trends in the alcohol and liquor industry.

– No. By offering a variety of flavors, tobacco companies are deliberately targeting anyone with a few dollars in their pocket. This might be adults or teens. But this is capitalism. The government either needs to outlaw tobacco completely, or let them thrive, but not both. By the way, vodka comes in a variety of flavors too!

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One Response to Flavored Tobacco Regulations?

  1. Joe Schmoe says:

    Just because we’re not able to outlaw tobacco completely at this time should not mean that we have to allow new variations on the theme. Clearly, if it were a new product, it could not be approved. Major variations on the theme are a new product and cannot be tolerated.

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