Fremont City Considering Smoking Ban in Multi-Unit Residences


Suzanne Chan is a Council member in Fremont City located in the US state of California. She proposed to restrict tobacco use in multi-unit residences which have not been built yet.

Suzanne said that restricting smoking inside apartments and common areas in multi-unit housings will help to protect residents from exposure to secondhand smoke which is especially harmful for kids. When smoker lights up in his apartment, the tobacco smoke from his cigarettes easily enters neighboring units via windows, balconies, ventilation systems.

According to Suzanne Chan, today smoking becomes more and more umpopular among population because of increasing awarness about negative effects of tobacco use and exposure to it. That is the reason why she came with a proposal to ban smoking in future constructions. Smoking will still be allowed in the existing multi-unit housings.

On November 17, the Fremont City Council told its members to examine the proposal of Suzanne Chan and at the same time report back the status of projects already permitted or approved, types of smoking that going to be prohibited and appropriate ways of enforcing a smoking ban.

Mayor Bill Harrison said that the subject is worth to be explored.

Vice Mayor Lily Mei considers that enforcing proposed smoking ban may be quite difficult  because of opposition.

Last time Fremont City made changes in its smoking ordinance in 2012.

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