Great American Smoke Out Day Encourages Smokers to Quit

On November 17, students across America will celebrate the Great American Smoke Out Day. The first smoke out day was in 1977, and the event challenged people to give up smoking tobacco products for 24 hours.

Great American Smoke Out

Great American Smoke Out Day

The goal is that those who decide to quit for the day may quit forever. Nearly one million smokers quit for the Great American Smoke Out Day. It is held the third Thursday of every November.

This day encourages people not to smoke. Smoking and using tobacco products cause many different kinds of cancer. The diseases that are caused by tobacco products have the potential to kill or take body parts, such as the lower jaw or other parts of your mouth. Quitting smoking may lead many people to live happier, heather lives.

Smokers and nonsmokers alike should all take part of this day. Smokers by not smoking for 24 hours and even possibly never picking up another cigarette again, nonsmokers by encouraging friends and family that smoke to take part and by spreading the word of the Great American Smoke Out Day.

On November 17th enjoy a beautiful smokeless day and remember to help a friend trying to take part of this day and continue their life smoke free.

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