Hawaii Becomes First US State to Raise Tobacco Sale Age to 21


With the new tobacco control initiative Hawaii established a good example for the entire America. Governor David Ige signed a new law which bans the sale of tobacco products to young people under the age of 21.

Thus Hawaii became first state in the USA to increase legal age to buy tobacco to 21. Officials say that this will help to reduce smoking rates among young people and prevent teens from initiation. As a result next generations will be more healthy.

It is expected that other American states will follow Hawaii example and adopt similar statewide laws, because up to date such a step was made only by cities and counties.

Not long ago Senate in California passed similar law and sent it to state’s General Assembly for approval. Hawaii created an example that is worth following and more states are expected to do this, because this is a right direction to go.

Hawaii authorities organized meetings on which were invited teenagers and state’s voters to express their opinions and help to improve the state’s health for next generations. The new Hawaii legislation comes into action on January 1, 2016.

Today in the USA 68 cities and counties in eight states increased tobacco buying age to 21. Health care experts claim that raising age to 21 will help to reduce tobacco use among young people because tobacco companies normally target this cetegory of people with their bright packages and sweet tastes.

It is a well-known fact that the majority of smokers start their habit before 21. Tobacco companies spend millions dollars each year in Hawaii to market their tobacco products. Raising age to 21 will stop tobacco industry from targeting youth.

Besides this, the legislation will help to keep tobacco out of high schools, where teens in many cases easily obtain tobacco products from older young people.

Institute of Medicine says that the new legislation will have only benefits because it will help to reduce significantly smoking rates among teens.

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