Hookah: Facts you need to be aware of

Shisha Smoking

Hookahs, as well known as water pipes or shisha, become more and more popular among young people in the United States. However, many reports state that shisha smoking is a safe alternative to regular cigarette smoking. In accordance with the Center for Disease Control shisha smoking is not safer, and shisha smokers may actually inhale higher toxin substances that are found in cigarettes.

Shisha Smoking

Woman enjoying shisha smoking

Elie Akl, associate professor of medicine, said that hookah smoking is really very popular worldwide and become sought-after in the U.S. too. According to the Akl’s report, more than 10 percent of university students prefer smoking the flavored tobacco.

As a rule hookah smoking is a group activity. Everybody smokes from a single mouthpiece. It is considered that this social appeal is one of the reasons youth are taking up the habit.

The common hookah consists of a long hose, a mouth piece, a molasses chamber and a water bowl. These devices are designed to assist smoking of flavored tobacco. A water bowl contributes to moisture of tobacco smoke passes. Thus, hookah users are able to inhale more smoke than they would from a cigarette.

University students usually say that they experience relax and pleasure during shisha smoking.

Dr. Brian Primack said that more than half of hookah smokers do not use cigarettes.

As a rule people are ill-informed about the effects of hookah smoking. People think that the water chamber in a hookah filters output some of the toxins in the tobacco. But in fact, tobacco smoke is no less toxic in comparison with cigarette smoke.

Hookah smoking session is longer than the time it would take to smoke a cigarette and thus dangers of the habit are identical to those from cigarette smoking.

Know the facts

Those people who plan to visit a hookah lounge should be aware that:

– Hookah smoking session lasts 45 minutes to an hour. During that period, the tobacco smoke releases 36 % more tar than a cigarette, 70 % more nicotine and 15 times more carbon monoxide.

– A single session of smoking hookah releases 100-200 times the volume of smoke inhaled from a regular cigarette.

– Hookah is not a safe alternative to cigarettes.

– The charcoal used to heat shisha tobacco increases health risks by releasing carbon monoxide, toxic chemicals and metals.

– The water in a hookah does not reduce the risks associated with tobacco smoke.

The rate of hookah smoking is increasing, particularly among young people.

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One Response to Hookah: Facts you need to be aware of

  1. Denis Soto says:

    I actually work at a Hookah bar and I have severe asthma, so severe that I’m on Prednisone. I can smoke hookah all day and not get an attack, but if I smoke one cigarette or am around cigarette smoke I feel like I’m dying. There are a lot of studies out there on hookah and how bad/or not bad, they are for you. I’m not denying that hookah smoke is bad for you but I can say that hookah is no where near as bad for you as what was posted in this article or what is stated in this study. Do your research, just because one study tells you that the sky is green doesn’t mean that its true.

    Also, I’ve worked at this bar for over two years, smoking hookah every day, I am not addicted. I don’t own a hookah and I don’t need to smoke, I took a 3 month vacation to a different state and didn’t even have the urge to smoke hookah.

    Hookah can be a fun way to socialize and it does taste good:) just do more reserch to see if its something that you want to do, and don’t take one person’s opinion (including mine) as law.

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