Hookah Use among Students

A study, conducted by researchers at Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center, explained the augmentative popular hobby, which results were grieving.

Erin L. Sutfin, Ph.D., an assistant professor in the Department of Social Sciences and Health Policy said that increasing rates of hookah use are disturbing. It was revealed that hookah smoking produces negative effect to health. Unhappily, the rising generation is misled about the hookah use safety and many of them erroneously think that hookah smoking is less harmful than smoking a cigarette.

hookah use

The study has been carried out to know more about hookah smoking by young people in the U.S. Researches did the web-version survey. Random students from 8 North Carolina colleges and universities gave a response about cigarettes, hookah, drug dependence and told what they know about these activities.

The study revealed that 40.3 % of the respondents conveyed that they have smoked hookah tobacco from a hookah, 46.6 % conveyed that they have smoked a cigarette. Approximately 25 % of students told that they are present cigarette smokers, and 17.4 % told that they intensively use hookahs.

The study demonstrated that in all probability first-year students and men smoked hookahs. It was as well revealed that there was a connection between young people who used hookahs and youth who smoked cigarettes. It is supposed that they used marijuana and other illegal drugs and had drunk ardent spirits in the 30 days before the survey.

Also it came to light from the data that hookah smokers had a wrong observation that hookah use was safer than cigarette smoking.

Erin L. Sutfin added that the hookah smoke is a very soft smoke that may be attracting to non-cigarette smokers as a primary tobacco product. She said that 22 % of students surveyed who were established as hookah users had never smoked a cigarette, saying that hookahs may be their initial product. Sutfin clarified that in comparison with hookah smoke, cigarette smoke is a strong smoke, which can be acrid.

Hookah smoke has the nice aroma and taste. Users may smoke it for the longest time and inhale it deeply. That is why hookah users are inhaling a substantial volume of tobacco smoke than cigarette smokers do.
May be it is not a surprise, but the study revealed that young people, who went to a college situated in 10 miles of a hookah location, smoked hookah more that other students. It it’s the first time when it is conducted a study focused on identification of the connection between the placement of hookah venues and hookah use among young people in the territory.

Erin L. Sutfin made a conclusion that there is a necessity for programs referring to hookah smoking. She explained that the first thing is that college administrators should have notice of hookah use and involve hookahs in tobacco-free programs. The second step is that state smoke-free prohibitions should involve hookahs in their systems.

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