Horn Lake Residents Want a Smoking Ban

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If you are planning to visit DeSoto County in Mississippi in the nearest duture, you should be aware that in some restaurants smoking is allowed while in others not.

Horn Lake city is considered the last big city in the county to not implement a public smoking ban.

However, a group of residents are asking city officials and residents to consider it because it will help to protect workers and visitors in eating establishments from secondhand exposure.

Susan Rinehart runs Wiseguys Chicago Pizza with her husband in Horn Lake. Sometimes people call her to find out if her establishment allows smoking or not. She almost anticipated the discussions about possible smoking ban.

Such cities as Hernando and Olive Branch already discussed smoking ban and took important decisions on the subject.

However, soon the situation in Horn Lake city is going to change.

Jill Morris of the Advisory Council of the Mississippi Tobacco Free Coalition agrees that smoking is a personal choice, but adds that this choice affects others. She promotes the idea of cleaner air in DeSoto County and supports smoking bans in neighboring cities.

She says that now is the time to adopt a smoking ban in all restaurants in Horn Lake in order to protect workers and visitors from tobacco smoke.

However, the proposal met more opposers than supporters, especially among business owners who worry that the ban would affect their business. They say that it would never do to ban smoking totally, it should be allowed in patios.

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