How FDA Regulates Tobacco Market


The anti-tobacco law approved in 2009 allowed thousands of tobacco products launched on the market from February 2007 to March 2011 to stay on the market waiting for a review by the FDA.

Almost 500 tobacco products submitted for review after March 2011 are awaiting for FDA approval and may sold only if FDA approves them.

This week the FDA gave its approval for two tobacco products by Lorillard but it does not mean that the FDA considers them safe and they will have a label“FDA-approved”.

The approval means just they don’t raise new health concerns.

The Lorillard company representatives say they are proud to be first company in tobacco industry who managed to get authorization to start marketing these new tobacco  products in the United States through the FDA’s substantial equivalence pathway, Besides this, they belive that the FDA used its best resources and knowledge for the research which reflects true state of affairs. .

The reaction of tobacco control advocates was cautious but optimistic at the same time. They appreciated research work made by the FDA specialists but they asked the agency to give more details about the criteria it uses to determine which tobacco products to approve and what information tobacco companies have provided.

All information is very important and the information disclosed leaves many unanswered questions because without details it is impossible to assess the impact of these decisions.

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