Humidor(lat.  humidus — humid) is a box, casket for a cigar storage. The main goal for the humidor is to keep humidity of cigars at level of 65-75%. In this case cigars don’t lose their quality.

Traditionally humidor is a hermetically closable wood box. Inside surface of a humidor usually is covered by spanish cedar. But recently some humidor producers started to make metall and plastic humidors with foam-rubber inside cover. Cigar experts often don’t acknowledge humidors wich aren’t made from wood. They assert that other materials then wood add a foreign flavor to cigars or even make them mildewed.

The main part of a humidor is a humidifier. In the cheapest humidors the humidifier is made from a small cup and wet sponge. In the expensive models of humidifier there is an electronic device wich automaticly adjust humidity. Most of humidors are equipt by a hygrometer(analog or digital) for a humidity indication.

If several brands of cigars are stored in a humidor then the humidor is usually divided in several parts in wich each brand of cigars is placed separately. It is made to avoid a flavor mixing.

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