Impacts of Tobacco Display Ban in Australia


Data from new research made in Australia shows that smoking rates decreased in the country in the past several years. It is supposed that main reason for this decline is  ban of cigarettes display in shops.

The research was sponsored by the Cancer Institute of New South Wales. It examined the impact of retailers keeping tobacco products out of sight of young people aged between 12 and 24 in two states.

The results of the study suggest that display ban had a great impact on young people, and also is likely to impact smoking-related outcomes. It means that removing tobacco displays from shops can really discourage young people from starting smoking.

In the study participated 6,000 young people before and after the bans came into action in Queensland and New South Wales in 2010 — 2011. In the course of the study it was found that less young people do recognize cigarette brands such as Marlboro Reds. According to Nicotine and Tobacco Research, number of people able to name cigarette brand dropped from 65% to 59%.

Chief executive of the Cancer Institute NSW, David Currow, told that cigarettes displays in shops is a perfect advertisment for them, therefore when they are hidden, less people see them and as a result can hardly recognize them.

A representative of British American Tobacco Australia told that cigarettes display ban is implemented in several states and in some way affected decline in sales volumes.

Today Australia has strictest anti-tobacco laws in the world.

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