Imperial Tobacco’s driving tobacco growth in Russia

Davidoff Cigarettes

Eastern Europe is a major strategic growth place for Imperial tobacco’s business and the company is offering quality growth in Russia. Russia is the biggest country across the world and the second biggest tobacco market, following China, with yearly cigarette volumes of over 350 billion items.

Imperial Tobacco sells more smokes in Russia than in any other country; its yearly sales are 35 billion cigs and the tobacco company possesses a 9.3% market share.

Building Sustainable Sales

Through the years the cigarette maker constantly improved its portfolio to guarantee it’s well positioned to provide sustainable sales, aiming for the brands and tobacco market segments where consumer need is strongest. By concentrating investment and development on four major cigarette brands, Davidoff, West, Style and Maxim, Imperial is making considerable benefits in high growth slimmer formats like slims, superslims and kingsize superslims.

Imperial Tobacco also been productive in the field of filter development and it introduced West Duo, a cigarette that provides consumers with the alternative of a mint flavour burst by extracting a mint crushball in the filter, firstly in Russia. Moreover, the company’s overall tobacco focus indicates it is able to meet consumer need for cigars, including popular mass market brands along with prestigious Cuban premium brands by means of partnership with Habanos.

Delivering Excellent Results

This built-in strategic method to increasing sales growth options in Russia continues to provide good results. In 2012 Imperial again provided track record of success, increasing volumes by 4%. The firm’s four major cigarette brands provided excellent performances: Maxim increased by 13%, Davidoff by 16%, Style by 26% and West grew by 6%. These portfolio results provide a strong base for future success and the company is very excited about its results in Russia. Imperial obtained the right strategic method, the right portfolio and the right people to take its business forward which offers great confidence in its ability to give long-term lasting growth.

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