In Nigeria People Will Be Protected from Secondhand Smoke


Secondhand smoke exposure affects negatively non-smokers causing in them a number of serious diseases. That is the reason why smoking is prohibited in public places in many countries of the world.

Lagos, the capital of Nigeria, several weeks ago adopted two anti-smoking bills, establishing the State Emergency Command and Control Centre and the Regulation of Smoking in Public Places. The majority of people do support it but most worries are connected to the implementation of the law.

Lagos has to deal with many problems such as high unemployment, poverty and now catching people smoking in prohibited areas rises a number of difficulties for police officers. In many developed countries, there are regulations in place that restrict or prohibit smoking in restaurants, bars.  and many public places. Some of them create separate smoking rooms in bars, but others have banned almost all indoor public smoking.

In January, Lagos State House Assembly discussed a Public Place Smoking Law that was approved last week by Governor Babatunde Raji Fashola (SAN).

He said that it state’s obligation to provide public safety and public health and therefore it is very important to regulate smoking in order to protect people from secondhand smoke.

The law bans smoking in public places such as hospital, museum, libraries, schools, public toilets, restaurants, public transportation. In the public places must be placed no-smoking signs. They must be displayed at each entrance and in prominent locations throughout the premises in order to inform smokers about the prohibition.  Smokers will have their designated areas for smoking.

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